Jay Electronica releases Act II: Patents Of Nobility (The Turn) tracklist | Music News

HOLY SH*T!! If it wasn’t enough that Nas revealed Jay Electronica was originally tapped to produce his controversial 9th solo album Nigger, Jay ElecHannukah has decided to trump Nasir’s surprising Untitled card by FINALLY (YES FINALLY!!) revealing the tracklist to his much talked about, much argued about, much much discussed, debut album Act 2: The Patents Of Nobility (The Turn).

Its seems as though the album, that many people thought would see the light of day sometime around Neverary 32nd 2035 (a week before Dr. Dre‘s Detox release), may actually be bless our eardrums sometime in the near future.

1. Real Magic feat. Ronald Reagan
2. New Illuminati feat. Kanye West
3. Patents Of Nobility
4. Life On Mars (@FatBellyBella)
5. Bonnie & Clyde guest starring Serge Gainbourg
6. Dinner At Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jay Z & The Dream
7. Memories & Merlot
8. Better In Tune With The Infinite feat. Latonya Givens
9. A Letter To Falon
10. Road To Perdition feat. Jay-Z
11. Welcome To Knightsbridge feat. Diddy
12. Rough Love feat. Kanye West
13. Run & Hide guest starring The Bullitts
14. Nights Of The Roundtable
15. 10,000 Lotus Petals

According to the tracklist, Act 2 will be a fifteen track affair that’ll feature appearances from Jay-Z, former mentor Diddy, The-Dream, Kanye West and The Bullitts. Unfortunately the production credits weren’t revealed but who’s complaining. Not me!