Jay Electronica Kicks A Freestyle For Okayplayer TV In Nepal (Video + Lyrics)

Jay Electronica kicked a freestyle and saved a goat (Multitasking!!) for Okayplayer TV while out in Nepal.

Jay Electronica and Team DECON make a pit stop on the road to the Maratika Cave and Hindu Temple located in the Khotang District of Nepal near, Mount Sagarmāthā (Nepali: सगरमाथा, known to us Westerners as MT Everest). This was on the day that the highly controversial Hindu Goat Sacrifice Holiday began which was in the news a the “World’s biggest animal sacrifice.” Fortunately for our goat, who Jay dubbed Swagger Jackson, it was saved… although scared shitless on the way up the mountain. Lots more happened but that’s all I can say for now. Edited by Tubo Da King.

Peep the lyrics transcribed by the good folk at OkayPlayer after the jump…

what we call individual
is really just a collage
a bi-product of God
or the Wizard of Oz
a seed out of the sod
which was planted by wise
beings to bring about a thing
whether evil or clean
remains to be seen
so never trust a disguise
the wise weigh the intention
then they scan the horizon
for divine intervention
when they see it they record it
the prophets read it and call it Revelation
the preacher then sings to the congregation
slaves go back to work
and they sing from the plantation
Blacks vs Caucasians
Dominicans vs Haitians
the Serbs launch a nuclear attack against the Croatians
Christians say Revelation is being fulfilled
Satan is being killed
debating the pros and the cons
of the war with Iran
the war with Pakistan
the bombs, its just tragic
its just magic

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