James Blake to collaborate with Lil Wayne | Music News

Having worked with everyone from Enrique Iglesias to David Guetta to (who could forget?) Porcelain Black, is there even such thing as a surprise Lil Wayne collaboration any more? Probably not, but one particular partnership of Weezy’s that may evoke a raised eyebrow is with UK-born electronic/dubstep breakout James Blake, which former Roll Deep emcee Trim revealed in a soon-to-be-released interview with FACT.

Trim, whose debut album is due out later this year through Rinse Recordings, initially spoke on Blake’s harmonimix of his “Confidence Boost” a capella, before breaking the news.

“[James Blake’s] just come back from America, doing tunes with Lil Wayne and stuff,” he said matter-of-factly. “It was kind of strange our relationship and how it all came about, but I’m happy to know someone like him! He’s sick at what he does, definitely. Weird music, but I’m a weird person, so I’ll always like that kind of stuff.”

We’ve seen how potent the electronic-Young Money blend can be with Drake and Jamie xx‘s “Take Care” collaboration (albeit using an existing beat, but the two are reportedly cooking up original material for Drizzy’s next album), so we’ll have to wait and see what another of our boys can deliver one of rap’s biggest names.

To get a possible taste, pick up James Blake’s acclaimed self-titled debut album on iTunes.