Jahlil Beats previews new instrumentals [Video]

Making a hit record can do wonders for a producer’s career, but making a tonne of hit records is even better. Just ask Jahlil Beats. Having emerged onto the scene as Meek Mill‘s go-to beatmaker when the fellow Philadelphia native was on his rap come-up, Jahlil has picked up credits for major league players like Lil Wayne (“Willy Wonka”), Chris Brown (“Drop Rap”) and, remaining loyal, Meek, formulating recent Dreamchaser 2 favourites like “Flexing On Em” and “Amen” (with the assistance of KeY Wane).

It’s not like the 23-year-old producer, now a part of Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation roster, really needs to search for clients, but just as a taster of what the burgeoning beatsmith has in store for us, he previews a handful of new instrumentals in the clip you see below.

Although best known for his bass-bullying bangers (and there are some of these on show), Jahlil displays his diversity with a selection of rich and refined piano-led instrumentals early on in the video. Get wise as to why this producer is one of the most sought-after in hip-hop right now.