Jae Millz – ‘I’m Hearing Voices’ (Pusha T Diss) | New Music

As you all know, Pusha T and Lil Wayne exchanged words back in May with their respective diss tracks, “Exodus 23:1” and “Ghoulish“. But after the Clipse man man shrugged off the notion of beef at the Hot 97 Summer Jam, things kinda petered out and fans resumed the wait for another (probably disappointing) G.O.O.D. MusicYMCMB clash.

But now, the most relevant rapper on Young Money in the world is looking to pour fuel onto this dying fire. With his brand new track, “I’m Hearing Voices”, Jae Millz aims some rather obvious shots Pusha Ton’s way, mostly targeting his drug-dealing past and subliminal ways.

“Talkin’ all that white shit, you ain’t never had it… N****s catfighting with the team on that sneak shit, making diss records, keeping it secret/ Throwing darts like a bitch instead of bombing like a warrior/ Just lets me know there’s a pussy in all of ya.”

Let’s be honest, Pusha T will be doing Millz a favour if he even acknowledges this record. Nevertheless, give it a listen below and let us know your thoughts in the C-Section.

Listen: Jae Millz – ‘I’m Hearing Voices’ (Pusha T Diss)