Ja Rule – “Black Vodka” (Full Song) + Pain Is Love 2 LP pushed back

Towards the end of last month, we brought you a snippet of “Black Vodka”, a track that is set to feature on fallen New York emcee Ja Rule‘s recently delayed opus, Pain Is Love 2. Now we bring to you the full version of the song the melodic track produced by non other than former Murder Inc/The Inc in-house producer 7 Aurelius.

Listen… Ja Rule – “Black Vodka” [Full Song]:

In an exclusive interview with Murder Inc Online, Aurelius explained why Ja Rule’s return to the market has now been pushed back for the foreseeable future. According to Aurelius, Rule felt that is was vital to concentrate on making better records which as a result exceeded the amount of time for distribution label Fontana [owned by Universal Records] to match the previously announced release date.

“The plan changed mostly because of the level and quality of the records we were making,” Aurelius explained, “We have exhausted every possible way to have it available on iTunes for pre-order on the 7th. The main issue is that Fontana needs the album turned in before they will release a date, or even start their process which is normally sixty days for digital and hard copy.”

When explaining the album’s recording process Aurelius stated the following, “Me and Rule have to capture all the magic around us until he goes in, otherwise we are doing an injustice to his fans.” He continued, “If we had stopped in April just to be able to turn it in to Fontana for a June 7 date, PIL2 would not be what it is now. They have acknowledged that because it’s Ja Rule, they will give it a fast track release once it is turned in and that would be digital and hard copy.”

“You can’t rush art,” added 7. “Be patient and stay positive. We will not disappoint.”

Quote me… I am looking forward to this album. Yes I said it!

Bonus… Footage of Ja Rule recording “Black Vodka”

[via HipHopDX; Murder Inc Online]

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