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“Tested, tried, questioned, held to the fire,” India.Arie ruminates on her journey with “This Love,” as featured on her new album Songversation.

From the preview we heard in New York last monthly shortly after its completion, the album indeed feels like an honest, open project exploring life’s ups and downs – exquisitely paired with compelling Middle Eastern melodies and, of course, India’s deeply soulful voice.

“There are some things that I’ve wanted to say on records that I wanted to say, and a lot of that — kind of all of that — is on SongVersation,” the multi Grammy Award winner recently explained.

Whether the love you’re ruminating on [a la “This Love”] is personal or professional, sometimes you just need a break to work things out and center yourself. In India’s case, “At the end of 2006; I had a breakdown in the dressing room,” she reveals.

“I just lost it, and I don’t remember everything that happened, really… I rested for a couple days. But then finally, somewhere in 2009, things just weren’t right… Things just kept happening, and I knew I needed to take a break, but there’s that … drive and the competition of the music industry. … You’re scheduled to be who they think you are all the time.

“It’s business, and I get it, but what I refused to do any further — and what I refuse to do ever again — is to not be on the same page with the people who want me to deliver. We need to be on the same page and have the same plans so I’m not just spending my life trying to deliver what you need.”

Listen to “This Love” below and buy Songversation via iTunes, out today (June 25) through Motown Records.

Listen: India.Arie – “This Love”