Iggy Azalea talks style with Vevo: “I make music based off image” [Video]

iggy vevo

Since hitting the scene as part of T.I.‘s Grand Hustle camp, Iggy Azalea is known as much for her fashion sense and love of arts and creativity as her music. In an eight week series of exclusive videos and interviews for Vevo Stylized, the Australian rapstress explains how the two are one in the same.

“I make music based off of image,” she explains. “Image is one of the components of what makes something great. Sometimes something draws you in because it’s visual and the music is just an accessory to it or music is the thing and visual is an accesory to it.”

She also addresses what she thinks of other people’s opinions on her revealing outfits and Southern drawl; “If I wanna make an adverse reaction in the way I dress or my sexuality or who I am or what it sounds like, if I don’t feel uncomfortable about it then why do you feel uncomfortable about it?”

She continues to let it be known that she won’t be changing for anyone anytime soon: “I’m not gonna let you make me uncomfortable about it.”