Ifan Dafydd x Catching Flies – “Don’t Know How” | New Music


Welsh producer Ifan Dafydd has been slowly but steadily moving into the limelight over the last year and this week sees him release a new track with London-based producer Catching Flies, entitled “Don’t Know How”.

The track is a subtle and beautifully textured number that brings to mind the likes of James Blake with it’s use of ambient synth layering and chord progressions as well as manipulated vocal lines. Starting with a mellow piano progression, the song slowly builds with the introduction of the pitched vocal sample and minimal groove before a crescendo of ascending synths and a welcome rolling bassline take hold. “Don’t Know How” is a great example of synthetic layering and quality production values, taking only the slightest instrumental changes to create an ebb and flow of sounds throughout the track’s runtime before ending on a pure slow jam groove. Take a listen below and keep an eye out for more cuts from the promising producer.