“I Don’t Like” producer Young Chop says situation with Kanye West has been resolved | Music News

Following reports that Young Chop, the producer of Chief Keef‘s original “I Don’t Like,” was angered over Kanye West‘s non-consensual remake of his beat for G.O.O.D. Music‘s remix of the song, it appears that the potentially volatile situation has been diffused.

Getting on the phone briefly with WCGI’s DJ MoonDawg once again, Chop revealed that Kanye and his camp had reached out, and everything has been resolved.

“It’s decent,” he said, keeping the details to a minimum.

In the original interview last week, the young Chicagoan producer had vented his anger towards Yeezy and claimed he would “sue the sh*t” of the G.O.O.D. Music figurehead. Thankfully, the situation has been put to bed and Young Chop hasn’t burned any bridges.

Listen: Young Chop’s interview with DJ MoonDawg