Homeboy Sandman – ‘FOUNDation’ Pt.2 | Mini Documentary

Homeboy Sandman continues to remind us of the impending release of his debut album First Of A Living Breed with part two of his mini-documentary, FOUNDation. Directed by Rel, the short film sees the Queens native take us around his hometown and give us an up-close look at one of his live performances.

Heading towards the studio, the rapper explains how he used to write most of his rhymes while high but realised that later on down the line that he could do exactly the same while sober. Sandman also touches on a few current affairs including the comparison between Hip-Hop of the past and its current state.

Watch the second part of the mini-documentary in full below.

First Of A Living Breed is set to drop September 18th. Catch up on part one of FOUNDation HERE.