HerStory – Every Girl Has A Story | Free EP

19-year-old Marissa, 18-year-old Miriah, and 20-year-old Asia formed HerStory in 2008 after meeting at a private audition. Fast forward three years and, having slowly built up a decent buzz online, they’ve just released their debut project, an 11-track EP for free download, titled Every Girl Has A Story.

Check out their Biggie-sampling “Mack’n”:

It’s a solid project which suggests the potential HerStory have to follow in the footsteps of great groups like Destiny’s Child, TLC and so on. The unnecessary and sometimes childish interludes are jarring, but all things considered, this EP is pretty damn good. Standard R&B fare perhaps, but done well, with a fresh spin. They even hint at genuine crossover potential on tracks such as “Like She Did.” With the look, sound and voices all there, there’s no reason why these girls couldn’t blow.

In reality though, R&B girl groups (or even R&B for that matter) aren’t exactly en vogue (no pun intended) at the moment. Ten years ago, a group with as much potential as HerStory would probably have been signed to a major label and be all over radio by now – these young ladies are working in a different era to the greats who came before them, and it’ll be interesting to see how they fare.

1. Intro
2. At Night
3. Parking Lot (Interlude)
4. Mack’n
5. Pick Up Your Phone (Interlude)
6. Playin Witcha Heart
7. Sneak Up
8. Like She Did
9. Date Line (Interlude)
10. Jack Dat Body
11. Every Girl Has A Story Outro

Listen to the full EP:

DOWNLOAD: HerStory – Every Girl Has A Story