Häzel – Playground EP | New Music

A few weeks back I was turned on to Onra, a superdope French producer. Next thing I know, I find out he hooks up with Häzel on the regs and these guys make music under the name Onrazel.

Both obvious disciples of J. Dilla, they’ve been doing the rounds with their own releases and making a name for themselves. Häzel is the latest to put forth an offering in the form his Playground EP, released via Onra’s Catblock Records.

Playground EP Teaser:

Häzel has already made music with Drake, Ayah and Slakah the Beatchild and is fast making a name for himself. You should definitely check him out – get hold of the deluxe edition of his Playground EP on iTunes from iTunes US / iTunes UK, featuring bonus tracks from Onrazel.

Find out more about Häzel at www.hazeldizzy.com