Haze ft Terri Walker – “Soul Ties” + “Otis” (Freestyle) | New Music

A sublime trinity of solid storytelling, luscious production and a strong soulful voice, “Soul Ties” is the brilliant new release from UK rapper Haze alongside renowned vocalist Terri Walker. An ode to his kindred spirit, Haze’s nonchalant delivery adds some slickness to the the summery production whilst Ms Walker’s powerful additions ensures it to be a song to remain in your memory for the rest of the day. Regardless of the inconsistent British Weather, Soul Ties will put you in that feel good summer afternoon mood.

… and literally seconds after receiving the very dope “Soul Ties” track, we’re yet again blessed with another new offering from rhymer Haze. Following the current trend of rappers covering Jay Z and Kanye West’s “Otis”, the rapper peppers the Otis Redding sampled gem with enough punches to stand out from the other 900 or so versions which are currently circulating. Whether you’re blown away by ‘Otis’ or trying to avoid the wave of hysteria over the 2 minute and 58 second production, be sure to give this UK twist of it a listen.