Havoc – ‘Same Shit Different Day’ | New Music

Legendary producer Havoc drops “Same Shit Different Day,” the first leak from his forthcoming EP, 13.

This one slipped under our radar when it dropped yesterday, but it’s not a bad song. Nothing amazing, but not bad. A typically grimy Hav production with typically so-so bars, the highlight of which comes near the end when Hav spits, “niggas out here dry snitchin’ writin’ books / lyin’ out they ass just to sell a book,” which could very well be a reference to his Mobb Deep cohort Prodigy‘s autobiography My Infamous Life. If you recall, P’s memoir caused quite a stir when it dropped last year, and, more recently, Hav and P were seemingly embroiled in a rather peculiar bit of beef themselves (which they both ended up denying, but whatever).

Maybe there was some truth to it after all… Who knows?

13 is coming soon.

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