Havoc confirms Mobb Deep beef, says group is on an indefinite hiatus [Video]

Despite both members of Mobb Deep repeatedly denying that any friction existed between them, group member Havoc has finally admitted that he and Prodigy do indeed have issues, and says the group is “on a hiatus… indefinitely.”

Havoc made the revelation during a sit-down with AllHipHop, during which he also confessed to sending the series of tweets disrespecting his longtime partner Prodigy back in April.

“I was speaking from a standpoint where I was mad, but still being truthful,” Hav said of the tweets. “It was just the wrong thing to do at that time.”

The tweets instantly created controversy, as Mobb Deep fans and casual observers of Hip-Hop alike wondered what could possibly come between the duo after 20 years. In attempts to quell the speculation, both Havoc and Prodigy went on the defensive — Havoc released an official statement claiming that it was “business as usual” for the Mobb and that the tweets had been sent by someone who’d found his lost phone, while Prodigy publicly denied that there was an issue and attempted to play the ordeal off as some sort of publicity move. The pair was even photographed together at New York Knicks playoff game, seemingly in good and friendly spirits, temporarily ending the “beef” talk.

The chatter was reignited when Havoc released “Same Shit, Different Day,” a single from his forthcoming solo EP 13 which contained the following lines, seemingly aimed at Prodigy (who released his controversial autobiography last year): “niggas out here dry snitchin’ writin’ books / lyin’ out they ass just to sell a book.” In addition to this couplet, the project apparently also contains a full-fledged Prodigy diss record.

Havoc says that he loves Mobb Deep, but that the group will be on a hiatus “until things get hashed out.”

For the fans’ sake, let’s hope that happens sooner rather than later. Check out the interview below.