You may have noticed that we like to make a big fuss of birthdays and anniversaries here.

When this year marked 8 years since the passing of Aaliyah, we did THIS.

For Lauryn Hill’s birthday we did THIS.marsha incog

Well, today is our editor-in-chief’s birthday. Marsha Gosho Oakes, the founder and editor of your favourite source for soul and culture generally doesn’t like to make a fuss when it comes to herself. In fact, she actively shuns any recognition and is often incognito. (I don’t think I could possibly illustrate it better than posting this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> one of Marsha’s many abstract profile pictures)

However, I, Tahirah, will take the risk of making her blush a little to celebrate her born-day. It is time to shine the spotlight on Marsha Gosho Oakes for just a moment. Talented and creative when handed a pen or a keyboard, Marsha’s writing is a culmination of her free-spirit, an inquisitive mind and a passionate soul. Marsha also suffers from an addiction to cake, rhythms, melodies, soul, hip hop and words.


Here is friend of SoulCulture, Eric Roberson singing Happy Birthday in Philadephia’s World Cafe Live in 2006.

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