Gucci Mane – “Truth” (Young Jeezy diss) | New Music

After an interview earlier this week in which Gucci Mane hardly seemed concerned to quash his beef with fellow ATL representative Young Jeezy, Gucci has come at Snowman directly with a track entitled “Truth.”

Whilst Gucci insists that “this ain’t a diss record/it’s the truth” and warns “this the same shit that got Big and Tupac killed”, the Trap God uses the track to fire more than his fair share of shots.

Over one cruel sounding beat, Gucci raps at an ambling pace, each syllable detectable – “If you want to go to war we can go to war n—-a, I ain’t no real rapper I’m a fuckin gravedigger…I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her/ But Puff was fucking her when you was fallin’ in love with her.”

Mr Zone 6 seems to have been provoked by Jeezy’s words in an interview with Power 106, when the latter responded to Gucci’s earlier 105.1 interview with the comments, “everybody know that boy retarded, nobody takes him seriously, he got an ice cream cone on his face…a grown man don’t do that kind of shit.”

Whilst Jeezy insists that he’s not into diss records, I doubt this’ll end here. Neither of these two exactly show an aversion to flogging dead horses, as far as beef is concerned. This all started in way back in 2005.

Have a listen to “Truth” below: