NEWS: Original line-up of GROOVE THEORY prepare to make a comeback

Pop open the celebratory drink of your choice. After news of the spate of 1990s soul/R&B groups making a comeback of late, surely one of the most welcome is that of the original line-up of Groove Theory, the ludicrously good-looking duo comprised of Bryce Wilson and Amel Larrieux.

Group manager Jimmy Rosemund recently stated…

“They haven’t worked together in so long, and like most groups that break up, they’ve come into their own, so it’s almost like sharing that spotlight again, but it’s coming along…’

Click here for a very good article on the reunion which deservedly gives credit to GT for being forerunners of the Neo-Soul movement, a contribution for which they have not been properly acknowledged.

Brilliant but underrated, GT’s self-titled debut album is amongst the finest to be released that decade. Larrieux remains one of the most highly-regarded female vocalists in my book. However her solo material, as inspired as it is in places, has never quite matched the creative dynamism she shared with Wilson. So very excited about the new project. Heck I’d be happy for them just to tour with the old songs. And just to remind us of how great they are, here’s their breakthrough hit ‘Tell Me‘- sounding as good today as it did 15 (yes, I’m getting old) years ago.

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