George The Poet – “My City” | Poetry Video

North West London wordsmith George the Poet has seen his profile increase exponentially of late, gaining coverage and getting love from some seriously high-profile platforms, including primetime appearances on national television broadcaster BBC One as the main star of Radio 1’s Hackney 2012 campaign.

I’ve been a fan of the Cambridge University student since seeing him perform (to an enraptured crowd) at rapper Lioness‘s launch party last year – since then he’s made appearances on radio and mixtapes (namely Mic Righteous’s latest, where he performs on a handful of brilliant interludes), dropping some great videos on his YouTube channel and building a respectable fanbase.

“My City”, perhaps inspired by the forthcoming Olympic games, is a stunning, vivid and honest portrait of the capital, accompanied by visuals of George walking around the city and shots of Londoners. The visuals (directed by Rob Ryan) perfectly marry the tone and words of the poem – it’s an outstanding piece of work.

Expect his Hackney 2012 feature, which will be seen by millions in the next few weeks, to give him an even greater level of exposure.