Gallant – “Jupiter Greyscale” | New Music

An alluring talent rising from the West Coast, Gallant oozes sweet and sultry late ’90s R&B vibes with an electric undercurrent on his latest track, “Jupiter Greyscale.”

“Diamonds on a silver platter weren’t enough…” From the song’s softly spilling opening line, Gallant’s smooth falsetto weaves silken melodies with woe in this reflective slow jam, before the spacious, sedated soundscape crafted by UK producer Maths Time Joy builds to an electric, atoning climax.

“When you make a ton of sacrifices for someone – give what you thought was everything – it can take a lot to look back and admit that you were the one who pulled everything apart,” the LA-based singer explained the song’s meaning. “I was selfish, I was big-headed, I was insincere and I apologised way too late.” From the thoughtful artist’s imminent Zebra EP, press play on “Jupiter Greyscale” below.