Freeway x Reebok: I Am Classic [Video]

I’ve lost count of how many arguments I have had over Freeway. To this day he remains one of my favorite Roc-a-fella alum emcees outside of Jay-Z and Kanye West – and hands down the most underrated emcee to come from the house that Jay and Damon Dash built. 

Like many of The ROC emcees, Freeway’s lyrical ability was always at a high level. But unlike a few of The ROC emcees his lyrics displayed humour, reflective thought and his battle with his religion verses his street life. Even though it’s now been just six years since The ROC’s public demise, many out there have forgotten the many classic hits Philly Freezer helped craft as part of the New York based label [“What We Do,” “Flipside,” “Alright,” “Roc the Mic” and “1-900-Hustler” to name but a few].

Even I was taken back at the idea Reebok would align itself with Free to promote being Classic, as part of their ongoing I Am Classic viral series. Reminding us of his many hits, Freeway “sits down” with Reebok and goes through the long list of some of the hits which helped build the Roc-a-Fella brand. Watch below.

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