Former Bad Boy rapper Loon reportedly arrested in Belgium on drugs charges | News

Just when we thought former Bad Boy Records artist Loon had turned a positive corner in his life there are now reports claiming that the emcee, who now goes by the name of Amir Junaid Muhadith, has been recently arrested in Europe an drugs charges. However all is not as it seems, as the charges stem from a case three year old case.

The former rapper, who converted to Islam back in 2009, attempted and was then rejected entrance into Belgium due to an ongoing drugs trafficking case he was first caught up in three years ago in North Carolina. but was only officially indicted with back in May of this year for the distribution of Class A heroin.

As a result the Harlem bred rapper, who hit the heights with songs such as “Down For Me” and “I Need A Girl” is now being held in custody and will soon be extradited back to the United States.

Below, courtesy of Parlamento, is a copy of the indictment form pertaining to the original drugs arrest three years…

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