Flying Lotus talks US v UK dubstep, drugs and ‘Until the Quiet Comes’ [Video]

LA beat-maker and all-around musical phenomenon Flying Lotus was in a particularly expansive mood as he sat down with Noisey for a recent interview in London. With his new album Until the Quiet Comes due for release on October 2nd, and already available to stream, he had a great deal to say on his music and lifestyle, not to mention electronic music in general.

He’s certainly enthusiastic about the new record; saying that he’d happily play it if he had a visitor over, and that he feels it’s more accessible than his 2010 effort Cosmogramma. Instead he likens the project to 2008’s Los Angeles; the melodic, albeit still other-worldly, masterpiece which brought him such great critical success.

In the interview below, FlyLo’s openness to different genres of music and his generous, unpretentious nature is on fine display. He believes it’s a misconception that he’s “tripping out all the time,” arguing that drugs are a presence in his life but not in an all-pervasive way. He also sheds light on the episodes of sleep paralysis he’s suffered, arguing that they inspire him to ask questions with his music, whilst refuting the idea that they literally give him out-of-body experiences.

Interestingly, he says that if the opportunity came along he’d be more than happy to work with someone like Drake, feeling that doing commercial stuff is fine as long as he stays “true to himself.” Commenting on discrepancies between UK and US dubstep, he is conciliatory, reserving kind words for the likes of Skrillex and Bassnectar.

“I feel like there’s still room for everything. If it’s good, it’s good,” he says, whilst conceding that acts such as these “know what they’re doing” – admitting that they cater to very different audiences to Kode9 and more faithful representations of dubstep as it was originally codified.

Watch Noisey’s full interview with Flying Lotus below: