Femi Kuti bored of Afrobeat: “I know I have to change”

We all get bored of our boxes sometimes, and change soon comes a-calling. Femi Kuti, son of legendary Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, has expressed a desire to expand his musical horizons beyond the genre over the next few years, in a recent interview with Billboard.

Experimenting with more trumpet use and other genres such as Hip Hop – and possibly even classical music – in a bid to develop new sounds Kuti acknowledges, “a lot of producers of hip-hop are great fans of Afrobeat, so we never know what will develop, musically.”

Whichever direction Femi’s new music eventually takes, it won’t lose its lyrical substance and will continue to explore world issues. “Instead of singing love stories, these are issues that touch me personally more. They’re more important than love stories or broken hearts to me,” he tells Billboard.

“If some other person wants to sing about his love story and have quite a huge following, that’s fine. A lot of people don’t want to discuss politics. But I feel social ills, politics are more important to me.”

“I don’t know what will happen,” Femi, who’s currently touring North America to promote his latest studio album, “Africa to Africa,” tells Billboard.com. “I just know I’m bored of what I’m doing. I want to find a new direction — not on my next album but probably by 2014, I’ll have a new direction by then. Something in the next four or five years will change. I know I have to change.” —Billboard

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