Fat Joe Made The Darkside Vol. 1 To Fuel Hip Hop Arguments [Video]

“I keep trying to give you ammunition,” New York emcee Fat Joe tells The Boombox, directing the message to his fans. “Hip Hop’s all about arguing and saying, ‘Yo, this one’s better than that one.’

“For everybody that supports me like that, that’s why I put out music like The Darkside Vol. 1. So you could have something to fight with. I’m giving you bazookas, tanks, pistols,” says the Terror Squad CEO.

“So when you have them hip-hop arguments, you say Fat Joe, No. 2 song of the decade according to Billboard — ‘Lean Back.’ Countless No. 1s. Jay-Z just got his first No. 1. Fat Joe, one of the only dudes relevant for 16 years repping the Latinos. I brought you Big Pun, two million sold. Every time you hear, ‘We Da Best,’ it’s Fat Joe, it’s DJ Khaled. There’s so many things I could tell you.”

The rapper also has special feelings for one record on the album in particular: “The one record that is really special is ‘I’m Gone,’ which is the outro to the album,” Joe says.

“Guru had passed the same day that [DJ Premier] had sent me that track. That track is like somber, it’s not your normal gangsta killing-music Preemo does. It was sad. So I almost made it like a dedication to Guru.

“To me, I feel like Gang Starr is the most uncompromised Hip Hop group ever in Hip Hop. When I hear rumors about Guru and all that, that really offended me. So I had to salute.”


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