Fantasia f/ Kelly Rowland, Missy Elliott – “Without Me” | New Music


Fantasia enlists Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott for a demonstration of girl power as they’re turning the tables on the guys on Fantasia’s new song “Without Me.”

A 2013 version of Beyoncé‘s “Upgrade Ya” of sorts, Fantasia keeps it calm and mellow as she expresses in a subtly arrogant way that in a relationship with her, the guy may think that he’s the man, but really she’s the one that made him blow up; “What would you be without me?/ So what you blowing up just a little/ They knowing you a little/ I don’t give a finger in the middle.”

Kelly Rowland creeps in adding a vocally strong verse as she echoes her fellow singer’s mentality, with her and Fantasia going back and forth with their thoughts. Adding a new element to the mix, Missy comes in with an extra verse not mincing a single one of her words.

Fantasia’s new album Side Effects of You is due on April 23rd. Listen to the single below.