ERiMAJ – “Conflict Of A Man” | Music Video

Realistically, this song is a little old – five months be exact – however, there needs to be a post about this song.  This weekend I was in New York and had the chance to go to 92Y Tribeca to see a group/collective called ERiMAJ and they were amazing. With that being said, here is one of the bands first songs available for purchase, “Conflict of A Man,” accompanied with a video directed by soulful singer Tiombe Lockhart.

“It is the quintessential tale of life – Man or woman, whether you impose it spiritually, in your relationships, or in your life’s journey, it’s a constant relatable theme,” says band creator and renowned drummer Jamire Williams.

Williams wrote the song with Corey King [who also put together the string arrangement] and writer Alan Hampton, with the genre-smashing band also including Chris Turner on vocals, Matthew Stevens on guitar and Vicente Archer on bass. Check out the video below.

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