Erica Mena – “Where Do I Go From Here” | Music Video

erica mena
Love & Hip Hop‘s most explosive cast member, Erica Mena, has released a raunchy new video for her former track, “Where Do I Go From Here”, which proves that the aspiring singer is willing to do whatever it takes to remain relevant in the music industry.

Despite having recorded “Where Do I Go From Here” initially, Erica’s unpredictable attitude lead her ex manager, Rich Dollaz, to pass the track on to his other (and much more established) artist, Olivia. To rub salt in the wound, Olivia’s version then went on to considerably outshine Erica’s less than impressive original recording and scored a top 10 position on iTunes in it’s first week.

Nevertheless, Erica has shown that she isn’t giving up without a fight and decides to make the most of her best assets, by putting them on display in this racy visual directed by J Jesses Smith. She begins by reading a break up letter from her lover and then proceeds to drown her sorrows by cavorting around in a bubble bath fully clothed. However, the clothes don’t stay on for long.

Check out the Erica’s assets efforts below.