Ellie Goulding – “Bittersweet” (prod. by Skrillex) | New Music

Ellie Goulding‘s had her music put through the wobble-machine plenty of times, but here she links up with Skrillex [not for the first time] to create a “Bittersweet” piece of pop music for the Twilight generation. 

The resulting track, which will appear on the official soundtrack for the latest Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn –  I’ll pretend I didn’t know that), benefits from its target demographic’s needs as Skrillex is forced to scale-down on his whole kitchen-sink act and hone his inner teenage girl (found in his hair, perhaps), whilst Ellie’s latent teenage girl is given a vampire bite on the neck (i.e. vocal distortion).

In other words, Skrillex dresses up as pre-Twilight Kristen Stewart and Ellie Goulding dresses up as current Kristen Stewart. It’s amazing what you can do, melodically speaking, by casting two of contemporary music’s biggest stars as love-bird vampires. Have a listen below.

Another thing: there are no normal photos of these two together on the entire Internet.