Elle Varner – ‘I Don’t Care’ | New Music

Beautiful L.A.-born singer Elle Varner hasn’t a care in the world on her latest release, a feelgood cut called “I Don’t Care.”

This whole song is dedicated to Varner’s happiness, and she’s expressing it in every way she can while not giving a damn who sees it.

“I Don’t Care” is the latest expression of Ms. Varner’s #HugLife movement, which will be fully embodied on her forthcoming debut LP Perfectly Imperfect, an album that she says is all about love and acceptance — especially of yourself.

Perfectly Imperfect does really cover all the bases as far as who I am as a person and what I represent. I represent, obviously, young women, but also the idea that we should all love and accept each other as ourselves,” she says about the project. “I’ve accepted where my music is flawed. There are parts on the album where the note was flat or there was a mistake, but it was so amazing—the emotion was there—so we kept it. That’s my message and my mission: perfectly imperfect.

Perfectly Imperfect drops August 7th.

Preorder Perfectly Imperfect HERE.

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