Ed Sheeran to perform with Pink Floyd at London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony | Music News

After hinting to MTV News last week that he “might be playing with quite a big rock band” at the London 2012 Olympics, Ed Sheeran confirmed in an interview with Brisbane’s Nova 106.9 that he will be performing at the Games for the closing ceremony. And that “big rock band”? Just one of the UK’s most popular musical exports, Pink Floyd.

“Actually, this can be the place where I actually say that I’m doing it,” he said. “Because a lot of people think I’m doing a song with The Who, but I’m not, I’m doing a song with Pink Floyd, doing ‘Wish You Were Here.'”

Fans of the Dark Side of the Moon rockers will be aware of the band’s poor relations, so only drummer Nick Mason will make an appearance, while Sheeran will handle the vocal duties.

The London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony will be held on August 12th.

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