Dwele talks working with Slum Village + ‘Greater Than One’ LP on Sway In The Morning [Video]

Soul singer, songwriter and producer Dwele stops by Sway Calloway‘s Sway In The Morning show on Shade 45 to talk about what fans can expect from his upcoming album, Greater Than One, and reflect on working with Hip-Hop collective Slum Village.

“This album right here has a ’80s feel to it,” the Detroit, Michigan native says of his new project.

“It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t notice it until I sat down half way through making the beats and the music and everything. I listened to about four songs back to back and was like, ‘this has an 80s feel.’ and I like that.

“I feel like it’s a nice marriage because I’m still using what makes my sound my sound, but on top of that, I’m adding some different elements to it to kind of spruce it up a little bit.”

Watch the interview clip below.