dream hampton pens supportive letter to Frank Ocean | News

Just days ago, Odd Future‘s star-in-the-making Frank Ocean became one of music’s biggest talking points, but not because of his upcoming debut album, channel ORANGE. The R&B crooner shared a deeply personal letter on Tumblr which addressed and confirmed rumours surrounding his sexuality.

Obviously stirring up huge discussion – much of it displaying understanding and acceptance; some, unfortunately, not so – numerous fellow musicians, celebrities and creative types expressed their support for Frank for his move, including well-respected writer and author of Jay-Z‘s Decoded, dream hampton.

Through Hov’s Life + Times webzine, she penned a letter of support entitled Thank You, Frank Ocean, in which she applauded the singer for his “great courage and beauty and fearlessness in coming out”, detailed the progressive implications his decision means for black culture and society as a whole and, above all, sincerely thanked him for sharing.

You can read an extract of the emotive letter below and digest the full piece on lifeandtimes.com.

It’s true, we are a lot alike… “spinning on blackness. All wanting to be seen, touched, heard, paid attention to.” In your opening few lines, you simultaneously established your humanity, a burden far too often asked of same sex lovers, and acknowledged that in this age of hyper self- awareness, amplified in no small part by the social media medium in which you made your announcement, we are desperate to share. You shared one of the most intimate things that ever happened to you – falling in love with someone who wasn’t brave enough to love you back. Your relieving yourself of your “secret” is as much about wanting to honestly connect as it is about exhibition. We are all made better by your decision to share publicly.

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