Dr. Dre Reference Track “Turn Me On” Hits Interwebs

Nowadays sleep is a rare commodity for me, so when I do get some REM time I ain’t getting up for nada!
So when my better half slightly woke me up from my mini hibernation because this Dr Dre track leaked I gave it the “get this shit outta my ears” face.
Anywhos enough of my rambling…

“Turn Me On” is supposedly a Detox (aka the flying unicorn of albums) castoff reference track that was liberated by DdotOmen a few hours ago.

It gets a big MEH and a shrug from me, But check it out yourselves.

[audio:http://soulculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Turn-Me-On.mp3|titles=Dr Dre – Turn Me On]

Hands Up if you are still excited about Detox?? *Crickets*

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