Donny Goines – ‘Billbored’ Mixtape | Free Download

New York’s Donny Goines drops his new mixtape Billbored and the magazine style cover art takes shots at the industry and some of it’s biggest stars.

The last couple of tracks I heard from Donny were called “Fuck Lil Wayne (Flat Out I Don’t Like You)” and “Fuck Joe Budden.” Both alluded to Lil Wayne’s anti-NYC comments, and with a tracklist including songs such as “YM Is Lame,” “MMG (Music’s Magic Gorilla)” and “Rapper’s Revenge,” it seems that none of his animosity towards Young Money (or indeed the other godless hordes of the mainstream rap world) has gone. I’m not entirely sure what Rick Ross has done to be worthy of his rage, but it doesn’t seem like it takes much.

Click here to download the tape.

Tracklisting: Donny Goines – Billbored

1. YM is Lame
2. Goon Squad
3. Classic???
4. Dirty Laundry
5. Introducing Hollywood Halston
6. Keep Tabs
7. MMG (Music’s Magilla Gorilla)
8. Flatliner
9. Majors VS. Indies
10. RSVP
11. Rapper’s Revenge
12. My Truth