Doley Bernays – “Feeling Like Pac” | New Music


With his EP release just around the corner, New York rapper Doley Bernays builds anticipation and keeps fans satisfied with the brand new track “Feeling Like Pac”, produced by MP Williams.

Acting as a way for the rising ReeLife rhymer to vent his frustrations about life on the streets, “Feeling Like Pac” is a personal and thought-provoking offering. Doley displays vulnerability and allows the listener into his deep – and slightly dark – thought process, explaining how his frustrations of being from the hood and his hunger to make it in rap have him feeling like one of the greatest rap icons of our time, Tupac Shakur.

Although this track will not be appearing on the Just In Case EP [set for release 30 September], it serves as yet more proof that Doley is a rapper to watch out for in coming months. Listen to “Feeling Like Pac” below.