DMX f/ Snoop Dogg – ‘Shit Don’t Change’ | New Music

As the world waits these final few hours before his free EP The Weigh In drops, DMX leaks “Shit Don’t Change,” his collaboration with West Coast O.G. and canine compadre Snoop Dogg.

The Dog takes a relatively calm approach to the good Doctor’s mellow production here — the track jacks the Dr. Dre-produced beat from “Boss’ Life” off of Snoop’s Blue Carpet Treatment album — while Doggy Dogg takes on the hook and shit-talking-at-the-end duties.

Always good to hear from X, and hopefully this song (and not that terrible artwork) is a sign of what to expect from The Weigh In when it drops later today.

Listen: DMX f/ Snoop Dogg – “Shit Don’t Change” (Prod. by Dr. Dre)

DMX’s seventh studio LP Undisputed hits stores June 26th!

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