DJ Wars, Pt. 2: DJ Clue responds to Funk Flex [Audio]

If you read SoulCulture on the regular, you know that paying too much attention to the more gossip-y aspects of the game isn’t really our forte. But every once in a while something happens that is so entertaining to somebody on the team that we just can’t resist mentioning it.

Such was the case earlier this week, when Funkmaster Flex unleashed a tirade on DJ Clue so fiery, indignant and amusing that we couldn’t help but cover it. But since we covered (and laughed) at Flex’s initial salvo, it’s only fair that we also cover Clue’s return shots from last night.

While not as impassioned and ferocious as Flex’s, Clue’s two-minute retort had its fair share of shit-talking, replete with name-calling and claims of inferiority. Here’s a sampling:

“That’s all you doin’ all day is makin’ excuses on why you’re #2. You’re actually not #2 — basically, you’re tied for the #2 spot.” … “You’re spendin’ 99% of your day worryin’ about what I’m doin’. You’re callin’ labels tellin’ ’em ‘Look, I’m not gonna play your artists’ records if I don’t get ’em first” … “C’mon man, you’re embarrassing yourself, man. You’re doin’ parties for $500 or you’re doin’ ’em for free.” … “Stop callin’ all the clubs hatin'” … “You don’t get booked nowhere. … Since you can’t get booked nowhere, what we’re gonna do is, on Friday and Saturday nights and during the week, we’re gonna book you downstairs at the PC Richard and Son theatre. We gon’ pay you in popcorn.” … “You ain’t about that life, not on these streets of New York, you ho!”

Disrespectful? Yup. Accurate? Who knows. Mean? Ehh… not really. At least not the level of mean-ness Flex achieved with his rant.

So I’d have to say that this round of the Dozens goes to Flex. Clue sounded mad, but there was no passion. It’s the passion with which Flex delivers his greasy talk that elevates it from mere anger to pure ether. I doubt that Clue cares too much, though. As he proved with the Instagram photo of the Xtrends rankings, he’s still got bragging rights to stand on. Plus, he’s still throwin’ subliminals via Twitter, so this thing is probably far from over.