Diddy: “I never tried to sign Odd Future, I just wanted to meet them out of respect” [Video]

The FADER‘s Mobolaji Dawodu recently took a ride with Diddy after his show at Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, to pore over magazine’s current Icon issue with a Notorious B.I.G. cover story and to discuss the new, revolutionary Hip Hop generation of pro-active artists with self belief, such as Odd Future and Wiz Khalifa, and why they won’t have to “kiss that ass or play that political game and they doing what the fuck they want to do – and I want them to keep doing what they want to do.”

“So that’s why, for the record, I never tried to sign Odd Future,” he adds, “I just wanted to meet them out of respect and see where they were at with things. Not saying I wouldn’t sign them, but I purposely didn’t go out to try to sign them, or try to sign a lot of different cats that’s doing they thing right now, because I just want to observe as a fan. There’s a whole revolution that’s going on.”

He advises, “And it’s not bad to sign with me, to sign with a Jay, to sign with an Interscope or Sony – but sign on your terms and hone your community and do it the way you wanna do it. Because just when you got what it takes, can’t nobody take that away from you.”

Watch their interview below.