Diddy Dirty Money x Skepta – “Hello Good Morning” (Grime Mix)

In the wee hours of this morning much of the UK’s grime fans were locked into DJ Logan Sama‘s Kiss FM grime show with baited breath waiting for the official grime remix of Diddy Dirty Money‘s smash “Hello Good Morning”.

More than twenty people, including Skepta, Maxsta and some camera crews piled into the London station’s studio. When it finally landed, it was to rapturous response.

Much of musings last night on twitter were that Diddy‘s collaboration with Skepta on an authentic-sounding grime track could possibly be genre defining in regards to mainstream perception, and will at very least be a moment in grime history. Diddy also spoke with Logan Sama on the phone in interview during the show.

Amidst loads of reloads and pull-ups, listen to the grime mix of “Hello Good Morning”.

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