Deptford Goth: Get Familiar

You will take one look at that name above and immediately think, Deptford Goth? Since when does SoulCulture feature “Goth” music? Alas you’d be wrong in that assertion because while that name might conjure up ideas of bands like Bauhaus, The Cure and Southern Death Cult, the music on the other hand is as far removed from Goth or Gothic-style music as can be.

Deptford Goth otherwise known as Daniel Woolhouse is a singer, songwriter and musician, not from Deptford but from Peckham who combines his folky and singer/songwriter roots with an electronic musical approach while drawing upon the influences of Soul, R&B, Synth Pop and Dubstep to create what he simply describes as “folk music at its core, somewhere between real and synthetic.”

Watch: “Youth II”

The comparisons between Deptford Goth and the James Blakes and Jamie Woons of the world are rather obvious – all “experimental” “post-dubstep” singer-producers emerging from South London – the “birthplace” of Dubstep but I’d rather compare Deptford Goth to the likes of Spectral R&B “crooners” How To Dress Well, Holy Others and label mate Active Child – and comparisons aside, Daniel Woolhouse is pretty damn special in his own right.

Signed to Merok Records (Klaxons, Crystal Castles), Deptford Goth’s recently released debut offering – a 4-track EP titled Youth II – is a must listen in every sense of the phrase. With standout tracks like “No Man” which seems – at first – to be going nowhere before it just builds and builds and builds on you with warped drum patterns and sweet synths and the EP’s brilliant title track “Youth II,” whose official video is simply of moving clouds accompanied by words of a poem by one Naomi Clark, Deptford Goth has given us one of the finer EPs of 2011 in Youth II and is certainly one to watch for 2012.

Listen: “No Man”

Listen: “Real Love Fantasy”

Purchase: Deptford Goth – The Youth II EP

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