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It’s been some time since we’ve heard from the talented Denitia Odigie, but she sounds as enchanting as ever on this studio recording of “Weekend” taken from her upcoming album Air, Light.

Like the album title, the song feels as light and airy as a Summer night with Brad Williams (electric guitar), Sylvester Onyeijiaka (keys & synths) and Cooper Heffley (drums) accompanying Denitia’s ethereal vocals.

“I re-recorded weekend because there were so many colors and tones there that I wasn’t finished exploring. I feel it was something of a prototype experiment: the acoustic version was the original, the birth if you will. The live version was “does it play well with others?” and this version, I feel, is my most thorough expression of the song, it feels complete. I think I’m finished recording it now. Ha.

This song is intended for my upcoming solo album: Air, Light. Nolan Thies is one of my main production partners, we produced this one together. It also features some of my favorite people to make music with. Brad Williams on electric guitar, is a vintage R&B expert/maniac. Sly5thAve is a moniker for Sylvester Onyeijiaka, a brilliant multi-saxophonist, who played keyboard and synthesizers on this song. Nolan Thies, mix engineer and supremely indie dream-rocker, played electric bass groove sounds. Cooper Heffley, a rhythm animal/beast and super well-toured drummer, laid the beat.” – Denitia Odigie

Take a listen to the track below and be on the lookout for Air, Light.

Denitia Odigie – “Weekend”

Source: Okay Player