Delilah – ‘From the Roots Up’ | Album Stream

As Brit-born singer/songwriter Delilah prepares to drop her Atlantic Records debut From the Roots Up next week, the 21-year-old gives fans the opportunity to preview the project in full (well, almost — no bonus tracks) via an exclusive album stream.

After recording nearly 200 songs, Delilah admitted in an interview back in May that narrowing that number down wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

“We sat there for hours debating — full-blown, Family Feud-like, heated label discussion about what track should go where,” she said. A self-described “total control freak,” sharing such important decisions with others must have been tough. Nonetheless, the decisions have been made and the final product will be an expression of Delilah and only Delilah, regardless of who contributed to the process.

And she thinks that now is the perfect time to release her style of music, she says, because “it’s relevant to now, I think, the music that I do. The music industry is moving on from just dance-orientated tracks; it’s still very dance-led right now, but I think stuff is moving to a different place, a bit more experimental.”

From the Roots Up hits stores July 30th. Pre-order the project here.