DC Comics announces New 52 ‘Zero Month,’ 4 New Titles | Geek News

To mark the anniversary of their New 52 series of graphic novels, DC Comics will be having a “0 Month” during which they number every comic in the series with a #0, according to MTV Geek.

DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras made the announcement, promising a number of surprises and revealing that each issue would also read as a stand-alone story:

“Some issues will tell the origins of a character or a team, or in some cases where an origin has already been told, they will fill in the blanks in terms of questions readers may have about the New 52 DC Universe.”

In addition, DC has also announced four new titles, all set to debut this September. The new comics, entitled Talon, The Phantom Stranger, Sword of Sorcery and Team Seven, will feature familiar DC creators and characters, as well as a slew of exciting newcomers.