Danny! – “Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow)” | New Music

He hit me one night about an MC on my website, okayplayer.com. My first question to him was, ‘what the hell you doin’ on okayplayer?!’ … He was excited about this new rapper named ‘Danny!‘ — with an exclamation point at the end of his name.

In a recent interview with The Champs for their regular podcast, Roots drummer and overall music nerd Questlove shared this anecdote about the time Jay-Z called him about a kid named Danny Swain who’d captured his attention. With said anecdote, Questo got a number of people buzzing, wondering why Jay-Z knew about the kid but they didn’t.

Between his Tumblr, his Twitter, his Facebook page and his website, there’s no shortage of available info about Danny!, but we’ve assembled a few quick facts to introduce you to him:

He’s originally from South Carolina; he makes beats and does web design; he was kicked out of Claflin University after being accused of spearheading a grade-changing scandal and currently attends Georgia’s Savannah College of Art and Design; his first rap name was “Funkman”; he loves Waffle Crisp cereal and microwave popcorn (but not at the same time); he enjoys stolen cable; he’s not the biggest Meek Mill fan; and, along with the Questo and Jay-Z cosigns, he also has Just Blaze‘s support.

Oh yeah, the kid’s a pretty good rapper, too.

Now that you’ve been formally introduced, feel free to peruse Danny!’s discography over at iTunes. Listen to his latest self-produced release (with its Outkast-inspired subtitle), “Silly Me (Myintrotoletuknow),” below. From his upcoming album, Payback.

[Props: OKP]