Danny Brown – “Side A (Old)” | New Music


If you’re confused about where Danny Brown’s latest record Old will take you, let “Side A”, the intro to the record tell the story. The synopsis is more Danny Brown boom-bap perplexity.

Old has been set-up as an experimental record by Danny’s own admission and with plenty of previews in the past months, “Side A” seemingly returns to the sharp flows of Hybrid while veering away from the ‘I made XXX with the aim of getting great reviews’ sound. Its fresh in a tried and tested format, but I’ll let Danny explain.

‘With ‘Old’ you think I’m talking about my age, or where I’m at in my career. But it really [refers to] when I’m experimenting, making songs with Darq E Freaker and stuff, and then when I go back to my ‘hood, I have my people who be like, ‘Where that ‘Old’ Danny Brown shit at? I wanna hear that J. Dilla Danny Brown.’ So I [titled the] album for them.’

“Side A” looks to stamp some authority on the direction of Brown’s Old and if this really is the starting point, we’ve all got something to look forward to come September 30th.

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