Danny Brown – ‘Die Like A Rockstar’ (Brodinski Remix) | New Music

After teasing fans with a preview of the song back in May, today we’re graced with Brodinski‘s remix of Danny Brown‘s “Die Like A Rockstar” in full flesh. The XXX originals are so left-of-centre that remix producers have really gotta come with their “a game”; and the French techno producer has his shit in check.

Freeing Danny’s unashamedly crude vocals from the terrifying shackles of Skywlkrs‘ slapping drum loops and head-crushing riffs, Brodinski aligns the a capella with bursts of melodic, pulsating techno, before carving out intervals built on 808s madness. If you ask me, I’d say that Danny Brown has found his beatmaking counterpart here.

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Listen: Danny Brown – ‘Die Like A Rockstar’ (Brodinski Remix)