Danny Brown + aarabMUZIK create new song ‘Molly Ringwald’ from scratch [Video]

Last month’s installment featured Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era beatmaker Chuck Strangers, where they recorded “Daily Routine” (which eventually landed on Joey’s 1999 mixtape), and now Yours Truly‘s Songs From Scratch segment continues, and sees an unlikely – but completely logical – pairing of Danny Brown and aarabMUZIK compose a collaborative joint from the start.

The song in question is entitled “Molly Ringwald” (a nod to both the actress and MDMA, commonly referred to as “molly”), and sees Danny’s raucous and unfathered lyrical energy applied to the MPC-powered bass of aarabMUZIK.

Before the song arrives in full as a digital download next Tuesday (July 17th), you can get a look at how the musical madness came to be below.

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