Damon Albarn crafts audio collage for Radio Reunited broadcast as BBC Radio turns 90

Following on from his remarkable Africa Express project, Damon Albarn has been commissioned to create an audio collage that will be simultaneously broadcast on every BBC radio station across the UK and globe as part of Radio Reunited, a celebration of BBC Radio’s 90th birthday.

The three-minute composition will be broadcast on Wednesday (November 14th) at 17:33, 90 years after the first BBC Radio broadcast, down to the minute. The collage will be made up of recorded messages submitted by listeners all over the world, all based on the chosen theme of “the future.”

Each of the estimated 60 BBC Radio stations will choose one message to play, which will be set to music and sounds exploring various moments in history, with the Blur and Gorillaz frontman recently naming “Betrand Russell in morse code and sounds from a Cold War spy station” as just two of the audio components involved, to the Today programme.

More information on the 90th anniversary can be found bbc.co.uk/reunited, where the complete track will be made available for download.